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  • At your first treatment session, your physio will take a thorough history, do a full examination and perform a detailed assessment of your condition.
  • Once your physio has examined you, they’ll make a diagnosis and explain it to you. They’ll advise you of what treatment they recommend and educate you on the condition including activity restrictions, limitations, prognosis, timeframes and a plan to full recovery
  • If required they may refer you for an X-ray or other diagnostic tests. Most musculoskeletal problems can be addressed by a physio, but if you need any other assessment, your physio will liaise with your GP.
  • Your physio will work with you to develop an effective treatment plan that takes into account your work, leisure activities and general health. Your treatment plan will combine hands-on treatment with advice on how you can help yourself through specific home-based exercises and other strategies.
  • Our aim is to free you from pain, helping you move well and stay well. We do this in partnership with you, since you know your body best.
  • You may have questions about your first visit, which we will endeavour to answer at the time of consultation. You will be given instructions or pictures to help you remember your exercises


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