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Piates Mat Class

Pilates is gentle exercise that focuses on deep core muscle activation. The aim is to develop the muscles of the trunk and pelvis that support posture and the spine. It also improves flexibility, breathing mechanics, alignment, balance,  general upper body and lower body strength and conditioning.

Can I do Pilates ?

Pilates is beneficial to anyone! It is particularly great for people recovering from injuries to the neck, back and hips. It may have already been recommended to you from a physio or health professional.

Are you interested in a Saturday Pilates class?

  • The class is $22/week for a 5 week course.
  • Total $110 to pay upfront

Prior to commencing you may need to complete a one on one consultation to assess your ability, teach correct technique, prescribe home exercises and give any modifications or restrictions for the class.

The mat class is on a Saturday mornings at 8.30am

The classes run in 5-week blocks.
Call us to find out when the next block starts


1 hour classes with a maximum of 10 people.

You will receive your receipt for the class after attending and can send them in for rebates if you are covered for "class consultation".

Due to the small numbers of the class we are unable to carry the deposit over from one course to the next unless there is an emergency causing you to be unable to attend.

Deposits can be taken as soon as you are ready to confirm your place.

If you are unsure or this time does not suit you, we can arrange one-on-one sessions or alternatively look at our Semi-Private Pilates tab for more options.

Please ask reception for further information on 9522 9895.


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